Real Life Spooky Stories

Cemeteries and Spooky StoriesSo it’s Halloween today … not a tradition I particularly enjoy, but it did remind me I’ve got my own share of real-life, spooky stories (cue “Twilight Zone” theme music!).

Spooky Story 1: I’ve Seen a Ghost!

A couple of years back, hubster and I attended a funeral for a gentleman we knew. As we waited outside the church afterwards, a fellow walked past us – and we both commented on his amazing likeness to the deceased; surely it was his brother.

Months later, I learned that a number of folk at the funeral had reported seeing the “brother”. Except – he didn’t have a brother.

His widow, a lovely Christian lady, believes that God allowed her husband to attend his own funeral. You can ready the full story about this ghostly encounter here.

Spooky Story 2: Encounter with a UFO

About 10 years ago, the hubster and I saw something out of the ordinary in the sky one evening; some sort of aircraft that had white flashing lights on it, hovering above us. It made no noise at all, and stayed in the one place until suddenly it zipped off to the east at great speed and disappeared.

We even rang the Amberley Air Force base to see if they knew what it was. Although they’d had several phone calls, they knew no more than we did!

Spooky Story 3 - message from beyond the graveSpooky Story 3: A Message from Beyond the Grave

Only a few days after I received the news that my mother had passed away, I found a Bugs Bunny tie on the footpath in front of our house.

This doesn’t seem like anything significant – except that “Bugs Bunny” was my mother’s pet name for me, when I was a tiny tot.

Could it have been a coincidence, or was it a message from beyond the grave, sent specially to comfort me in my grief?

Sometimes, truth is stranger – or spookier – than fiction …

Have you ever had any Twilight Zone-worthy encounters?!

What I Wore: October

Another month of fashion inspiration from the wardrobe of a regular, everyday, middle aged woman – it’s all about keeping it real – with nary a designer label in sight ;-) .

Looking over the pictures below, it seems I rocked a frock (or five …) even though I wasn’t officially participating in Frocktober!

And not only that, it seems I’m fond of a print or two. A floral here, an animal print there, and even a bit of a nautical stripe … some are new, some are old, and some are thrifted.

1. Animal Print

I do love a bit of animal print – it appeared not once, but at least three times in my Instagram #everydaystyle feed during October. Maybe it’s my inner cougar trying to get out (I am married to a younger man, after all!)?

collage of October fashion from a middle aged woman

Left: Zebra print dress with beaded neckline has a Millers label – but I got it from the op shop for $7.

Middle: This Kmart skater dress was $20 last Summer.

Right: Leopard print with a splash of mint – from a Katies sale a couple of years ago, so I don’t remember how much it cost!

2. Flower Power

I’ve always had a thing for a pretty floral, and I absolutely love the colours in this dress (below) – they just make my complexion glow.

Floral dress from Valley Girl

From Valley Girl, $39.95.

3. Stripes Ahoy

This is my latest purchase, I got it from Suzanne Grae, also for $39.95. It just felt so summery and cool, I couldn’t resist – and I was right – it was perfect earlier this week when we had a record-breaking October heatwave.

Stripe dress from Suzanne Grae

These last two purchases are what I like to call an everywhere dress. I also think they will be perfect for when I cruise the South Pacific with my 3 best girls in December!

So what’s in for Spring 2014? Judging from what I’ve actually been wearing, animal print, florals and stripes are the trends du jour!

Which look is your favourite?!

Google Analytics VS Stat Counter stats

Today marks a momentous milestone here on the blog: this is the 500th post!

500 blog posts

In honour of the occasion, I thought it would be fun to share some of my stats.

It’s taken just under two years (1 year and 11 months almost exactly) to clock up 500 posts, and over 8000 comments from my lovely readers (that’s you, so take a bow!).

I really wanted to share my page views and unique visitors too, but this is where it gets complicated.

I use both Google Analytics and Stat Counter to collect my blog stats – and the results are VERY different.

According to Google Analytics

The page view figures on Google Analytics make me happy :-) . I’ve had over 350 000 page views. The unique visitors however is at approximately 60 000, so not quite as impressive.

Stat Counter Stats

Stat Counter on the other hand, tells a very different story. They reckon I’ve had about 150 000 page views (pffft) and 100 000 unique visitors (yay!).

So who are we to believe?!

When it comes to quoting my stats to brands interested in working with my blog, I go with Google Analytics as is it considered (for better or worse), the “industry standard”.

Having Stat Counter on the job as well however, brings a bit of balance into the equation – I also like the immediacy of their results. With Google Analytics you have to wait til the next day to see the full picture.

So which do you use or recommend for stats – Google Analytics, Stat Counter, or something else entirely?!

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