What I Wore: January 2015 HOT

It’s hard to play with fashion or do anything exciting with accessories in January because it’s just too darn HOT.

Fortunately, everybody’s in that holiday frame of mind, which means even if you did try to style things up, you’d look overdone anyway ;-) ! (You know me – it’s all about fashion from the real world!)

This January I found simple summer frocks were just the thing to keep this mama looking just as hot as the weather LOL … but feeling oh-so-cool and breezy.

Paisley Princess


I got the dress above at Jay Jay’s last Summer, but recently had it cut down from a maxi to a much more manageable length. And, as I suspected, I’ve been getting a lot more wear out of it!

Summer Style


This simple trapeze frock with braided straps came from Katies early in the Summer. It’s perfect for throwing on over a swimsuit. I’m also wearing a floral bikini from Kmart (sorry not quite ready to show pics of me wearing THAT just yet!), and a hat from Big W which the hubster gave me for my birthday earlier in the month :-) .

Flower Power


I do love me a floral print; this maxi dress came from Valley Girl about 6 months ago. The shoes were just $7.50 at Crossroads, and the necklace was a birthday gift from Mr 20 :-) .

Back to Work


However it wasn’t all fun, games and holidays – here I’m dressed and ready to head into the office in a simple black skirt, worn with a gorgeous cobalt blue top from Katies, necklace from Kmart, and the $7.50 Crossroads shoes again.

Fashion from the Real World

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And, you may have noticed, I like to use the hashtag #fashionfromtherealworld – if that sounds like your kind of style too, I’d love it if you used it too on your Instagram style pics so I can pop by and visit – let’s inspire each other to stay stylish, but keep it real!

When Your Child Leaves Home

It’s a major milestone in the life of middle aged parents everywhere – that moment when your child leaves home.

Miss 18's room before she left home

Miss 18’s room before she left home

But although you know it’s coming, nothing really prepares you for it – and the maelstrom of emotions that accompanies it, as I’m now learning.

Miss 18 has moved out.


Going …

I’ve had so many mixed feelings in the week that she’s been gone:

  • Grief and Loss – Our family has changed forever, and I can’t help feeling some sadness over the way things were. I’ve found myself looking at old photo albums and remembering my children as babies, toddlers, starting school … (I don’t really want to remember the teenage years though!)
  • Surprise – I always thought Mr 20 would be the first to leave. However, after a rocky patch about a year ago, he seems to realise just how good he’s got it at home and shows no inclination to leave anytime soon ;-) .
  • Loneliness – Miss 18 and I have a great relationship – she is one of my best friends! But now I don’t get to see her everyday, there are some feelings of loneliness. I work from home, and until recently she worked casual hours so she was often around, meaning that I felt less isolated.
  • Pride – The goal of parenting is to raise a child to adulthood and independence. Time to celebrate a job well done!
  • Concern – How will Miss 18 go? Will she eat properly? Will she be safe? How will she go with budgetting and paying bills and all the other responsibilities that come when you move out of home?
  • Excitement – It’s an exciting time in a young person’s life, to set up home for the first time by themselves – I can’t help but be excited for Miss 18 on her new adventure!
  • Relief – I’d by lying if I said there wasn’t also some sense of relief. It’s common in the lead up for a child leaving home, for there to be some disagreements and pushing at the boundaries, as they start to spread their wings. Miss 18 was no exception … it’s nice to have a harmonious home once again.
  • Hope – Deep down I’m hoping that her foray in the real world will be short lived, and she’ll be moving back home again in the not-too-distant future!
  • Exhaustion – At the end of the day, I’m finding all these emotions can be downright exhausting!

So there’s good and bad, and I can feel any or all of these emotions within any given five minute period ;-) .

Miss 18 moves out pic 2

Going …

Thank goodness I got a selfie stick for my birthday – now that I’ve lost my chief photographer for my #everydaystyle and #fashionfromtherealworld posts!

Miss 18's new room

GONE! As you can see, Miss 18 has chosen a new colour scheme for her new room – MY favourite colour!

Do you have any tips for me on handling my emotions now that my child has left home?!

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9 Beauty Tips for Aussie Sheilas

I Must Confess: we may not all look like Elle McPherson or Miranda Kerr, but with these home-grown beauty tips for Aussie sheilas, we can all look and feel our best ;-) !


1. Sunscreen

So important I had to put it number one. Yes, we all know the stereotype of the bronzed Aussie beauty. But what we also know is that baking in the sun is bad for us in so many ways – skin cancer, wrinkles, leathery skin and so much more. So whatever you do, make sure that you wear sunscreen whenever you are going outdoors, not just at the beach. Even if it’s just pegging out the washing or a quick trip to the shops, don’t forget to slip-slop-slap!

2. Makeup

Along the same lines, when wearing makeup, choose a foundation or tinted moisturiser with SPF included, and kill two birds with one stone.

3. Bonza Bronzer

Aussies can’t stand fakes, except when it comes to tans (see #1). Get the golden glow with a bronzer or self tan instead – your skin will thank you for it!

4. Hydrate

We might live on the driest continent on earth, but that doesn’t mean we should skimp when it comes to water. Get glugging! Drinking plenty of water helps to flush nasty toxins out of your body, and helps plump up your skin to keep you looking radiant and healthy.

5. Barefoot Beach Walks

Apart from being relaxing (and who doesn’t look better when they’re relaxed), the friction of walking on sand is a wonderful natural exfoliant for your tootsies – why pay for a pedicure?!

Woman feet with red pedicure relaxing on sand

6. Natural Beauty

Celebrate our fabulous relaxed Aussie lifestyle and (shock, horror) ditch the makeup sometimes and go au naturelle! After all, you’re going to look like a flaming galah at the beach or in the bush, wearing a full face of war paint …

7. Eucalyptus Oil

The humble gum tree offers a fantastic solution to zapping zits – eucalyptus oil has both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Beauty mate!

8. Beer

Aussie blokes love their beer, whether it’s VB, XXXX or whatever. But us sheilas don’t miss out – beer is said to be a fantastic hair rinse – improving the condition, and getting rid of any shampoo and conditioner build up. I’ve never tried it myself, but I would definitely recommend you rinse it out REALLY well so you don’t end up smelling like a brewery. Then again, if you’re after a fella, you might just find it does the trick ;-) .

9. Smile

There is nothing more beautiful than a smile. And we should be smiling – just look at the great country we live in!

Australian beauty smilingHappy Australia Day, from one Aussie sheila to another!

Are you going to try out any of these beauty tips this Australia Day? Do let me know!

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