Middle Aged Mama’s Guide to Healthy Hair

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Imagine if you read this in the newspaper:

“The victim was tied up, teased, pinned, tortured with chemicals, cut, burned – and eventually dyed.”

It’s a terrible list of crimes … yet this is the sort of treatment we regularly subject our hair to.

And yet we still expect expect our hair to look great!

It’s the modern day conundrum: although we all want healthy, beautiful hair – really, we do everything guaranteed to NOT keep our hair healthy!

swishy hair

Doing my best to swish my hair about like I’m in a Sunsilk commercial ;-)

Steps for Healthy Hair

So today I’m sharing my steps for healthy hair especially for the Middle Aged Mamas amongst us:

  1. A Healthy Diet. Your hair is directly affected by what you put in your mouth. Did you know, scientists can tell if you have been taking drugs – and which ones – just by examining a strand of your hair? Eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals will not only mean YOU are in optimum health, it will also benefit your hair!
  2. Keep it Trimmed. I’m not going to enter into the debate of whether over 40′s should or shouldn’t have longer hair. Whatever length your hair happens to be, getting it trimmed regularly keeps it tidy and eliminates the split ends that make your hair look dry, flyaway and dull. I find that a great cut is worth every cent – there is nothing like the feeling of having a good hair day, everyday!
  3. Adapt to Change. One thing I’m learning as I move closer to menopause, is that my skin and hair condition is changing. I’m no longer bothered by the greasies, which is great! But it’s more than that – as greys come through, they change the texture of your hair, making it feel coarser. Make sure you switch to a style and products that suit your hair NOW, not the hair you had ten years ago.
  4. Look After It. The reality is that we *will* tie up, tease, pin, curl, straighten, colour and generally torture our hair all in the name of beauty. Do your hair a favour and make sure you are using products to protect and look after it, like the ones fromĀ Sunsilk Australia.

Do you have any other tips for healthy hair – and which hair crimes have you committed lately?!

Wardrobe Reno

Proud Wife Alert: have I mentioned that my hubster is a great handyman?

He’s on long service leave at the moment and decided to tackle the lack of space in our walk-in wardrobe, by giving it a bit of a makeover.

Unfortunately he didn’t give me any warning so I don’t have any “before” shots – but take my word for it, it was packed and very messy! (I mean – who takes a photo of inside their cupboards normally?!)

It only had one hanging rail all the way around. So he adjusted the height of the top shelf, and installed custom-built hanging rails to better suit our needs.

And as if that wasn’t enough, he also created a fold-up ironing station – and hooks to hang my necklaces!












What a clever clogs my hubster is! I think I’ll keep him ;-) … and no he’s not for hire!

Is your husband a handyman or do you shudder when he mentions he wants to do a little project?! What was the last thing he made?

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The Dangers of Moisturising

The Dangers of Moisturising

I love this moisturiser, but learned the hard way that I need to be a bit more careful when applying it …

I’ve always avoided moisturising my skin – not because it’s dangerous, but because my skin has always been so oily I really didn’t feel it needed it.

Now I’m in my late 40′s, I’ve been finding that the skin I know so well is no longer so familiar!

My oily t-zone has settled right down, thank goodness.

Middle Aged Skin

But what I didn’t realise, is that the skin on the edges of my face is a lot dryer as well.

And do you know what happens when your skin gets dry?

It compensates by producing more oil, resulting in blocked pores and breakouts. All of a sudden, I had pimples along the edges of my face.

A beautician friend of mine explained what was happening, and recommended I start moisturising.

So I did.

It really seemed to work! I was further convinced of the benefits of moisturising when we went up north for a week, and I forgot to take my moisturiser. Yep, you guessed it, the zits were back.

Without hesitation, I re-introduced moisturiser into my beauty routine.

Then I got sick with a horrible cold. And overnight, one of my eyes puffed up and swelled almost shut. It wasn’t painful, thankfully, but was scary enough to have me trotting off to my doctor.

The good news was, the eye itself was fine. The doctor guessed that it was possibly an insect bite or something had blocked my tear duct.

a lesson in the dangers of moisturiser!

My eyelid puffed up so much, I could barely see!

Over the next couple of days the swelling went down … and I forgot about it.

Until Miss 17 (the household guru on all things makeup and beauty related) came to me and said that she had just read on the internet about a girl who got moisturiser in her tear duct, causing her eyelid to puff right up!

Suddenly it clicked.

Danger: Do Not Apply Moisturiser too close to your eyes!

Why did nobody warn me about the dangers of moisturising?

I must have been a bit too slap happy, when I was applying it near the delicate eye area.

Ah well, live and learn … hopefully now you will learn from my experience, and won’t have to make the same mistake!

Did you know about the dangers of moisturising?!

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