Shelf Style: Eva from The Multi-Tasking Mummy

Who says Ikea furniture – like the popular Expedit/Kallax shelf unit – only suits modern homes?

My special guest for this week’s edition of Shelf Style, is Eva from The Multitasking Mummy. Here, she shows us how she transformed her Ikea Expedit shelves to better suit the shabby country style of their old Queenslander. I think you’ll agree, she did a fantastic job!


1. What room are your shelves in?

The shelves are in our kitchen/dining area. We have a little space at the end of the room where I decided to put this, to create a little bit of calm in an otherwise busy space.

The End Product

2. How long have you had them?

I can remember trying to shove the box in my little Mazda 2 with the help of a lovely stranger in the IKEA carpark, so that means it was before I had my son, when I didn’t drive a ‘family’ car. I think I’ve had them about 5 years.

Ikea Shelf Style - Ready to Paint

3. What do you store in the drawers/cupboards/boxes?

Haha! Even I can’t answer that question … lots of crap! (Love your honesty Eva!)


4. What is your favourite decorator item on your shelves and why?

Oh, I can’t pick but it has to be all of the photos of my gorgeous son.

On top

5. How often do you change the “look” of your shelves?

This is the first time I’ve changed the look of them. We used to live in a very modern home but 2 years ago made a tree change and bought a 100 year old Queenslander instead. The Annie Sloan Duck Egg blue paint that I have used fits in better with the shabby country style I’m trying to achieve. Who knows, I have such a thing for Annie Sloan chalk paint, I might change the colour again sometime soon when our kitchen renovations are done!

Eva is no stranger to using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ to make over furniture – check out the coffee table she painted here, or how she gave her bed a great new look!

It’s Your Turn!

250x250xshelf-style-300x300.jpg.pagespeed.ic.eIZHpJ-q6oIf you have a set of Ikea shelves (or another brand) in your home – why not join in the fun? I’d love to feature yours in an upcoming blog post! All you have to do is snap some pics and answer the same five questions as Eva has above, and send to Oh – and you don’t have to be a blogger to join in!

Have you ever used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ to give a piece of furniture a makeover – what colour would you choose if you were to paint some Ikea shelves at your place?!

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What I Wore: March 2015 PRINTS

Yes, it’s another month of fashion from the wardrobe of a middle aged woman – or as I like to say, fashion from the real world.

As I look back at what I’ve worn over the past month, it seems that PRINTS were the order of the day.

There’s florals, there’s leopard print, there’s abstract … see for yourself!

Floral Prints


This is what I wore to the Problogger Brisbane Training Event on 2 March. You may remember it from my retro pinup style post last year. However as you can see, it doesn’t have to be styled up to still look great. I chose to wear this because:

  1. The bright colours and print would help me stand out amongst the crowd ;-)
  2. It’s cool cotton which is a lifesaver in the heat (it sure doesn’t feel like Autumn)
  3. I feel good in it! There is something so feminine and ladylike about a fitted bodice and a full skirt

There was an unexpected bonus – it has a deep pocket in the skirt, which turned out to be perfect for keeping my business cards handy! (Bev at Iris May Style would be impressed ;-) ).

IMG_3474Another day, another floral print … in the photo above, I’m heading into the City to check out Costumes from the Golden Years of Hollywood at the Museum of Brisbane. Both the frock and sandals are from Rivers and are at least two years old.

off to the movies

Hubster and I headed out to the movies and saw “Chappie”. I hate to say it but Hugh Jackman did absolutely nothing for me in this film – not sure if it was the villainous character he was playing, or the mullet hairstyle. Hmmm. But I do love this dress (from Valley Girl, last year) – yes, you’ve seen it before a number of times! However I added a little black shrug from Crossroads to protect me from the air conditioning.

Other Prints


The top and leopard print skirt above are both from Kmart; shoes from Spendless. Necklace was a gift from my son.

Funnily enough, I was looking at “What I Wore” in March 2014, and both the outfit above, and the one below, made an appearance! Nice to know I’m getting multiple seasons’ use out of the items in my wardrobe.


Here, Miss 18 and I are bonding over a selfie opportunity – and the fact we are both wearing peplum tops and black skirts (though hers is just a bit shorter!). We’re at a family birthday bash, which was a great night. My top is from Sportsgirl (thrifted), while hers is from Ally ($20).


I share style pics with the hashtag #fashionfromtherealworld on the Middle Aged Mama Instagram account – I’d love it if you followed me there. If you also enjoy #fashionfromtherealworld, feel free to use the hashtag – I’d love to check out your pics too!

What’s your favourite print to wear – floral, check, stripes, leopard, abstract, geometric, paisley or digital (have I left any out?!)?

So Much More than a Cup of Tea

I am in mourning, over a humble cup of tea.

The hubster and I have shared many cups of tea over the years.


After work, we have always made a point of having a cuppa together to catch up on the day’s news and events; it was “our” time. Sure, the kids would often interrupt but it was a special moment in our day, a chance to re-connect.

When we are pottering around at home, the question “Cup of tea?” does not just mean a cup of tea. It is a cue to come together and have a chat, or just “be” in each other’s company. It also requires more than a yes/no answer. It’s an invitation (command?!) to stop what you are doing, and participate in the tea making ritual. While one makes the tea, the other perches on a kitchen stool … and we wait for it to brew, before imbibing. It’s relaxing. It’s therapeutic. It’s so much more than a cup of tea!


We’ve shared cups of tea at the dining table, on the couch, in the garden, on holidays, on the beach, on cruise ships, in caravans … anywhere, anytime … a cup of tea meant “home”, no matter where we were.


A few weeks ago the hubster got sick. He had been drinking more tea than usual at the time, including herbal teas; and as a result, he now just can’t face tea. (I completely understand – I got gastro once after drinking a chai latte, and since then I can’t stand even the smell of chai!)

Sure, he will still make me a cuppa after work, or even join me with a glass of cordial or even coffee in hand. But it’s just not the same. I can’t believe how much I miss hearing “Cup of tea?”, even though there were times when it interrupted what I was doing and was not always fully welcomed or appreciated!

cups of tea

For 25 years of marriage, and even a year or two before that, the humble cup of tea has united us. It is part of who we are. And I am devastated by it’s loss, and praying it is only temporary.

I really hope he overcomes his distaste for tea soon!

What’s your special thing or cue for spending quality time together?!

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