What I Wore: July

Another month of fashion inspiration from the wardrobe of a regular, everyday, Middle Aged Mama!

I started the month with my 7 Day Denim Challenge, which you can check out by clicking on the link.

Since then, we’ve had some chilly days, and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to rug up for a change! I notice that boots (ankle or knee high) have been my wardrobe staples this month – as well as scarves …

1. Heading out on a Cold Day


Toasty warm with layers … Boots (thrifted, Joanne Mercer)? Check. Leather Jacket (Target, on sale last Winter)? Check. Black long sleeved tee (thrifted)? Check. Scarf (borrowed from Miss 17)? Check.

All livened up with a red jacquard skirt which cost me all of $15 at Best and Less earlier this year.

2. Going to the Office


Feeling smart but sassy in this outfit, which is an oldie but a goodie! Love these dark grey pants from Target “Hot Options” and shirt from Best and Less – both are 3 or 4 years old.

I’ve teamed them with a leopard print scarf from Cosmetic Plus ($7 a couple of years ago) and my Rivers boots.

3. Baby it’s Cold Outside


This is what I wore to visit relatives in Toowoomba (which gets colder than Brisbane, even though it’s only a 2 hour drive away).

What a surprise – I’m wearing my boots again, this time with Sussan leopard print jeggings ($79, a bit of a splurge earlier this year), a black long sleeved tee with a red sweater (Rockmans about 4 or 5 years ago), and a black velvet jacket (Caroline Morgan, thrifted).

The scarf is on (permanent?!) loan from Miss 17 – ssshhh don’t tell her!

4. Shopping with the Girls

Every six to twelve months, Miss 17 and I go an an epic shopping adventure with my sister and 18 year old niece to DFO. Talk about shop til you drop ;-) !

So my outfit had to include comfy shoes for all that walking – I wore my Rivers ankle boots, which filled the bill BUT I forgot that I would need to take them off and put them back on again every time I tried something on. Not such a good idea!

I’m wearing my trusty second skin jeans and a black tee from Just Jeans (last Winter), a Millers floral draped cardy (this season) and a $2 necklace from Kmart.


What have been your wardrobe staples so far this Winter?!

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A Kitty-Shaped Hole in my Heart

I have a great big kitty-shaped hole in my heart since the passing of this gorgeous girl

I will never forget my beautiful Misty-kins

There is a great big kitty-shaped hole in my heart – ever since my fur baby Misty died 3 months, 6 days, 12 hours, 34 minutes and 49 seconds ago.

Well okay maybe I’m not keeping that precise a count on it, but you get the picture.

Several times a day I remember my precious Misty and long for her company and oh, how my arms ache to hold her. I still shed the odd tear.

I may seem chipper here on the blog, but there is a desperate sadness inside me.

Some may wonder why I don’t just get another kitty and shut up already.

There are two main reasons.

  1. It wouldn’t be Misty. Although I’m sure I would soon develop a close bond with another cat, it wouldn’t be the same. Misty was my fur baby and no other fur baby could ever replace her!
  2. The boys (hubster and Mr 20) are reluctant. We’ve had 4 cats over the past twenty-odd years and each time one dies, we are devastated. They really do become a member of the family! I think the boys are trying to protect themselves from further heartbreak. The hubster also has concerns about furniture and curtains being clawed by over-enthusiastic kitty-shenanigans!  (I’m trying to assuage his fears by promising to adopt an older cat this time …)
a kitty-shaped hole in my heart

This little cutie REALLY wanted to come home with me …

So in the meantime, I get my kitty-fix by stopping at the pet shop and talking to the kittens for sale (I’m sure the staff think I’ve completely lost the plot – crazy cat lady alert!).

I visit sites like icanhascheezburger.com and giggle over kitty memes, watch funny cat videos on Facebook and Youtube, and scour the web to study the pictures and bios of cats available for adoption in my local area.

I guess you could say I’m a bit of a sad sack really until this great big kitty-shaped hole in my heart is filled :-( . I just need some cuteness in my life!

Should I go ahead and adopt a kitty, or wait til the boys come around to the idea?!

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