What I Wore: November

Looking over the photos below of what I wore this past month – you could be forgiven for thinking that November was just about special events, parties, high teas and other occasions.

Of course, at the beginning of November it’s all about a certain race …

Melbourne Cup Finery

Frocked up for Melbourne Cup or a high tea

Okay so I’m cheating just a little bit – I didn’t actually go to any Melbourne Cup events this year!

I still got a chance to frock up however, at a high tea that same week. I wore a pretty floral dress from the “Timeless” label by Vannessa Tong, which I picked up in an op shop – I think it was $8! (And how’s this for a coincidence: a friend at church owns the exact same dress, but she paid $80 for it in a boutique! Oops ;-) ).

I kept the accessories simple with nude heels and a string of pearls.

Another Op Shop Bargain

This Hawaiian print dress was an op shop bargain!

I love this dress, I just feel so ladylike when I wear it (you may remember it from my post on Retro Pinup Style). This month I wore it to church, and also to a family dinner at the Pancake Manor to celebrate Miss 18’s birthday! I’ll be packing it to take on my cruise next month too, it will be perfect for “tropical night”.

Legendairy Blogger Event

Jeans West maxi dress

Forget the G20 – the most important occasion in Brisbane this month was the Legendairy Blogger Event, held at the Alfred and Constance in Fortitude Valley!

We were spoiled with cocktails, desserts, an awesome cheese platter and other treats, including some helpful tips from a nutritionist on the importance of dairy in our diet as well as a demonstration from the Dairy Kitchen. Oh, and I got to meet Mr Cheese from My Kitchen Rules 2013 – and was very excited to learn that he and Mrs Cheese are expecting their first child in March 2015 (they were so cute on MKR)!

I wore a maxi dress from Jeans West which I bought last Summer – it was originally $79.95 but I got it in a 30% off sale, making it much more affordable at around $55.

Suzanne Grae Top

Suzanne Grae top

Not all that long ago I shared my Summer Fashion Wishlist here on the blog, and one of the tops that had caught my eye was this one from Suzanne Grae for $39.95. I knew it would be just perfect with my black tube skirt.

But of course you know me, the Bargain Queen! It was on the sale rack for $19.95, and then had another 30% discount – so it ended up costing me around $14.

I’ve worn this outfit a number of times this month, when I’ve had to go into the office, and also to church.

The Keeping It Real Outfit

Keeping It Real fashion in denim shorts and tank top

Just to prove to you that it’s not all glitz and glamour – here’s my standard weekend outfit, especially when it’s hot as Hades outside!

Good old denim shorts (thrifted), tank top (Kmart) and Havianas thongs (a gift); we bought the sunhat down the Coast earlier this year.

I’m curious  – what do you wear when dagging out at home in the Summer months?!

What to Wear with Denim Shorts

There’s a lot of debate going on at the moment about wearing shorts – and if they are a good  look on the middle aged women amongst us.

I have to say, I like shorts – I may have an apple figure, but like to show off my legs ;-) .

The ultra short shorts are best left to the sweet young things (or for wearing at home); but other than that, I don’t think you can go past denim shorts for summer – think of them as the equivalent of jeans in Winter.

I headed over to Polyvore to put together some looks, to show how you can wear denim shorts when you are past the first flush of youth …


Raspberry Ripple


I would totally wear this outfit, with the sleeveless pink shirt worn open like a jacket. Hanging out at home I’d probably just wear the shorts and tank, but throw on the raspberry accessories and you’re good to go run some errands or do the school pick up …



Grape Sorbet


These shorts are probably a little shorter than what I’d like, but you get the idea. Perfect for just chilling at a cafe with friends …




Spearmint Gelato


Now this ensemble would be great for a trip to the movies, as the kimono would keep you covered if the air conditioning is a bit too cool. I just love mint!



Licorice Twist


We all have those times when we want to get in touch with our inner rock chick, and look a bit bad a$$ in black, denim and studs/sequins – and this outfit has all three. I actually own an outfit that is very similar, have had it for years and still love it!

Will you be wearing shorts this Summer – out and about, dagging out at home, or not a chance?!

Linking up with Essentially Jess for IBOT, and participating in the #shareyourshorts Summer Style Challenge with Agent Mystery Case and the Fashionable Mum.

Confessions of a Closet Greenie

NB This is a sponsored post.

I’m a bit of a closet greenie – but I must confess, I’m not entirely sure if it’s because:

  1. I want to do my bit to save the planet;
  2. I like to save a bit of money; or,
  3. It’s fun!

Growing Vegies

I love to grow my own vegies, and enjoy a daily wander in the vegie patch to see what’s new. I’ve had some notable successes – (shallots, cherry tomatoes,  lettuce, sweet potatoes, and passionfruit, to name just a few), and some epic gardening failures – but it’s all experience, and it’s all fun.

I'm a closet greenie - and love growing my own vegetables

And nothing beats the taste of your own fresh produce!


These days, it’s commonplace for each household to have a water tank, and recycling bin.

But I also love to recycle our vegie scraps in a compost heap, which is then used to nourish the vegies I’m growing.

(Funny story: the time I was digging in my compost heap and yelled excitedly, “I’ve got worms!” for all the neighbourhood to hear!)

Op shopping is another great way to recycle – and regular readers will know that I am a keen op shopper (check out my op shopping tips here!)

Thinking Solar

When it comes to the laundry, my motto is: Why use a dryer when the sun does the job for free?!

I'm a closet greenie - solar Powered Laundry drying!

But that’s only the start of how we can embrace solar energy!

With teenagers and young adults in the house, our power bills are nothing short of ridiculous – meaning that solar panels are an obvious solution.

That’s where Australian Solar Quotes comes in handy. Not only is there a simple solar savings calculator (if I can use it, anybody can) – but they can also supply you with three quotes, to make the whole process as stress free as possible!

So tell me, what sort of things do you do that would qualify you as a bit of a closet greenie?!