Caravanning: Crossing Paths

It was a stinking hot day in Perth in 2001, as I wandered up to the shop in the caravan park where we were staying, to buy a bottle of milk. We’d been on the road, travelling Australia, for nearly 6 months by that point.

crossing paths - this was our home for 6 months in 2001

This was our home sweet home for 6 months in 2001

I was tired, dirty, sweaty and had chucked on a grotty old pair of shorts and a top. My hair was a mess and there was no point wearing makeup because it would have just melted off. But I didn’t really mind. It wasn’t as if I was going to see anybody I knew – I was over 4000 kilometres from home, after all!

You guessed it.

Just in front of the shop I bumped into a girl we knew.

It was weird how our paths kept crossing. 

The hubster first met her – they caught the same bus for years, although they went to different high schools.

Then I met her, some years later, when I got a job at the office she worked at.

Fast forward a few years, and she and her husband built a house literally around the corner from ours!

They’d then sold and moved on, so it had been some time since we’d seen each other.

But now, here we both were. Both travelling Australia in a caravan with our families. Both staying in the same tourist park in Perth. Both had a son and a daughter. Both just happened to need milk from the corner shop at the same time.

Despite my embarrassment over looking really grubby, come to think of it, she looked much the same. Besides, it was so nice to see a familiar face, and when our daughter turned 5 a few days later, we even held a little party for her and knew some kids to invite!

crossing paths in Perth

The kids got on like a house on fire!

You’d think after this long-running string of coincidences, we’d be best-est buds. The reality is, we haven’t seen them since then. We must be due to have another chance encounter soon – maybe next year when we are in Europe for our silver wedding anniversary?!

Is there somebody in your life that you just keep crossing paths with?!

Does Dry Shampoo Really Work?

I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to hair and beauty products that claim to have amazing results – like BB cream – and dry shampoo.

But it turns out, dry shampoo really works!

Here’s the proof:

1. Before: Au Naturale

Greasy, limp hair (and no makeup too). Such an attractive look – NOT!

2 - start with dirty hair

2. Here goes …

I’m looking a bit anxious here. Will it really work?!

3 - spray with dry shampoo

3. After: Dry shampoo really works!

I would (and did!) happily go out in public after salvaging my dirty hair with a blast of dry shampoo :-) .

4 - after dry shampoo

Have you ever tried dry shampoo – or are you a skeptic like I was?!

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What do you get a Girl for her 18th Birthday?

What to get for an 18th birthdayWhy is it birthdays always seem to sneak up on me?

Miss 17 will celebrate her long-awaited, much anticipated, 18th birthday next month. We’ve been updated on the countdown nearly every week for months – I believe it’s now only 29 days to go!

We’ve arranged a family dinner at Miss 17’s favourite restaurant on the actual night, and I believe her friends are spoiling her with a weekend in a posh city hotel.

Which brings me to my current dilemma: what do you get a girl for her 18th birthday?

Now she’s working and has her own income, Miss 17 doesn’t really lack for anything she wants or needs (except maybe a car, and I’m afraid that just ain’t gonna happen).

Plus, it needs to be something a bit special, that (hopefully) she will remember always.

Pressure, much?!

I’m leaning towards continuing a bit of a family tradition. You see, when I turned 18, my Mum gave me a lovely garnet ring (garnets being the birthstone for January) which I treasured – right up til the day Miss 17 discovered it when she was much younger, played with it, and promptly lost it. (Yes, I have forgiven her!).

I’m pretty sure Mum did the same for my two sisters (though my memory’s not so great, I will have to confirm that).

What I do know, is that my sister in turn gave a ring to her daughter for her 18th earlier this year … the first in the new generation for this family tradition.

Miss 17 likes the idea and has specified something dainty with a red stone. This was her favourite when we went shopping on the weekend:

a ring for our daughter's 18th birthday gift

*Big sigh of relief* from me … until the relatives began asking me what she would like.

The short answer is: I don’t know!

(The long answer is: Are you for real?! It took me months to figure out what WE would get her, how on earth can I give YOU any inspiration?!)

I’ve started making a bit of a list of possible ideas:

  • a bottle of Chanel No 5 – because every woman should own it at least once in her lifetime (though I’m 47 and still waiting … )
  • “18” jewellery – eg Pandora charm, necklace. Even if the snooty sales assistant in one jewellery store told me it was an “outdated” idea, when I was looking for an “18” key necklace for my niece!
  • An “18” wine glass, photo frame, or similar.

After that, my brain is all dried up.

Can you help me with any ideas of what to get a girl for her 18th birthday?!

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