Taking Comedy Seriously

Believe it or not, the hubster and I had never been to see a live show by a stand-up comedian – until about a month ago.

taking comedy seriously

Then we heard that Dylan Moran was performing at QPAC that very week!

We became fans of Dylan thanks to the BBC comedy, “Black Books”. Dylan not only played the main character, that “grumpy Irish b@st@rd, Bernard Black”, he also co-wrote the show. (If you’ve never seen it, do yourself a favour and check it out. Sadly, only three seasons were made, between 2001 and 2004).

However, I wish I’d known more about taking comedy seriously, BEFORE we went to the show …

5 Tips for Taking Comedy Seriously

  1. Book seats as close to the front as you can: Being stingy budget conscious, we bought cheaper tickets up the back. Big mistake. HUGE. You see, half the comedy of comedy, is seeing the comedian’s facial expressions. From where we were sitting, Dylan’s face was just a blur so we really felt we missed out on a lot of the total comedy experience.
  2. Take binoculars: Essential if you can’t get seats close to the stage!
  3. Indulge in a pre-show drink: I can’t believe that I’m recommending alcohol (after all, I’ve never been drunk!) – but there’s no doubt that a glass of wine (or your tipple of choice) will help you relax and get in the mood for a serious laugh.
  4. Pack tissues or a hanky: Maybe it’s a side effect of getting older, but these days when I laugh – I cry! Within the first ten minutes I was sopping wet from the tears on my face. I was able to surreptitiously wipe the tears off onto my sleeve, but I felt like a bit of a mess after that (lucky the auditorium was dark!).
  5. Wear waterproof mascara: See #4.
What I wore to see a stand-up comedian

Heading out to see Dylan Moran at QPAC

Finally, enjoy the show!

Do you have any other tips for newbies like us, on taking comedy seriously?

Preparing for Frocktober 2015

The calendar has flipped over to a new month and you know what that means – #Frocktober2015 is now under way!

October on calendar

Of course anything worth doing is worth doing well! So in order to make the most of this whole frocktabulous experience, I thought I’d share a bit of what’s been going on behind-the-scenes …

Preparing for Frocktober: One Year to Go

When I first thought about doing Frocktober, it was last October – and at the time, I had nowhere near enough dresses to frock up each day for a whole month. So over the past twelve months I have definitely kept it in mind; perhaps more frocks made their way into my wardrobe than would have ordinarily, because of this 😉 .

Preparing for Frocktober: One Month to Go

preparing for frocktober 2015

Early in September, I had a stocktake of my wardrobe and realised I had about two dozen frocks ready to rock. Having put on a little bit of weight over winter, I also noticed they weren’t fitting quite as well as they could be, so I’ve hit the treadmill every day over the past couple of weeks in an attempt to remedy the situation …

Although two dozen frocks was a great start, I thought it might be nice to have some options.

The Ovarian Cancer Foundation encourages Frocktober participants to get creative in how they sourced and styled their frocks; rather than buying new. So, Miss 18 and I planned an excursion to my favourite op shop and I was fortunate to find another 4 or 5 frocks to round things out.

I also mentioned my Frocktober plans to a few friends, with the result that I was lent a few frocks as well :-) .

Then I sent an email to a couple of fashion brands to ask if they might be interested in supporting me receiving some great PR by donating a frock. As I write this I haven’t had any takers, but it was worth a try, right?!

Preparing for Frocktober: One Week to Go

With little over a week to go, it was time to start publicising – here on the Middle Aged Mama blog, and on my social media channels. I set up my page at Frocktober to allow supporters to make donations, shared the news with my lovely readers, changed my Facebook cover photo, and made a logo/pic (below).

frocktober with middle aged mama

With just a couple of days to go as I write this, I’m REALLY hoping the weather warms up – I’m not going to be very comfortable (or attractive!) wearing frocks with massive goosebumps on my legs! I do have a couple of cooler weather options but a sudden Antarctic blast will really make it difficult …

I’ve also prepared a couple of donation tins to leave at the offices of a couple of my clients, which they have kindly permitted.

Now for my solemn promise to you: I will frock up every day in October, BUT, I do reserve the right to change into other clothing if strictly necessary – for example, if I go for a bike ride. Don’t want to get a frock caught in the bike chain – that wouldn’t be good for me, the bike OR the frock!

I may look a little over-dressed for some occasions, but what the heck, I’m kinda looking forward to having an excuse. After all, I’ve long mourned that people just don’t dress up anymore!

Finally, I’m aiming to share pics daily on Facebook and Instagram, and a weekly wrap-up of my frocky fun here on the blog.

So without further ado, let’s get the frocktivities under way!

Do you think wearing leggings under a dress counts as “frocking up”, should the weather turn cool?!

Snapshots from Dubrovnik

I never thought it would happen – such a momentous holiday, I was sure every little detail would be forever imprinted on my memory.

Alas, just four months after our return I am finding that my memories of the various Mediterranean ports are all jumbled up, and I can’t recall if we did “this” in Marseilles or Majorca,  or if “that” walled city/castle was in Malta, Split or Dubrovnik. Thankfully we took loads of pics!

In fact, my clearest memory from our day in Dubrovnik was that the hubster and I had a little tiff. Yes, just two days after our 25th wedding anniversay! It just goes to show, not even the happiest of marriages (which ours is) is perfect … we really *do* get grumpy and cross with each other, sometimes!

But I don’t have any photos of our tiff, so I’ll just have to show you some of the sights we saw instead 😉  …

Snapshots from Dubrovnik

panorama of Dubrovnik

We spent our day in Dubrovnik exploring the “old city” and the area around it.


old city


feathered friends


In the mid-afternoon heat, we paid the small fee to walk around the top of the city walls (is it any wonder we had a tiff when we were both tired, hot and cranky?!). At least we were treated to some fantastic views … and I’m pretty sure you can’t tell we were grumpy with each other (or at least I hope you can’t!) …



beautiful old stonework


castle turret

sitting on city walls

view from old city walls

bayside walk

So much history in Europe, it still blows my mind to think my feet have trod streets that were paved hundreds of years ago … and my hands have touched walls that were built thousands of years ago!

How do you stop your memories fading, after a very special holiday?!