5 Reasons I am a Bad Blogger

I must confess: I am bad blogger.

I had this epiphany after attending a social media event on the weekend.

With Fiona, a Sister in Style

With Fiona, a Sister in Style

But before I explain why, let me tell you a little about the event … it was hosted by the lovely Nikki from Styling You, to celebrate two years of hosting the #everydaystyle hashtag on Instagram. About 40 regular participants from south east Queensland were invited to don their daytime summer glamour looks (not-so-everyday-style!), for a luncheon on the Hilton’s poolside terrace.

social media junkies

Phones, tablets, action!

Watching how others operate, smartphone in hand, and hearing about their blogging habits, I realised that at times I am a bad blogger – and here’s why:

5 Reasons I am a Bad Blogger!

    • When eating out, I don’t take photos of my food for social media. Usually I’ve already started tucking in before I even think of it! Ooops … (although I did manage to snap a pic of dessert before I demolished it, this lemon meringue pie was to die for!)

lemon meringue pie mmm

  • I don’t have my blog posts done up a month in advance, like the experts suggest. Heck, if I manage to be a week in advance I think that’s pretty awesome! I’m typing this up on Sunday night ready to publish Monday …
  • I also don’t have any real goals or plan of attack for this blog – I’m more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my pants gal. It can be a wild ride at times, but oh-so-exhilarating! I really enjoy watching Middle Aged Mama develop organically. There is nothing better than running with inspiration when it strikes, rather than following a precise method or plan to grow my social media accounts, run a blog series, publish an e-book or other resources …
  • I don’t have an email newsletter yet. But it’s coming, so make sure you sign up at the bottom of this post!
  • I don’t always respond to your comments. Bad blogger. I know, I’m sorry. I really love hearing from you and I do try to respond. Sometimes I get caught up in other things – I’m sure you know how it is – from one busy middle aged woman to another!

table chat

The view across the table – that’s Nikki from Styling You (standing)

It might be true that I am a bad blogger, but hopefully I’m lovable (and cheeky!) so that kinds of makes up for it πŸ˜‰ !

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A Whinge About Centrelink

In many ways, I’ve been lucky – I haven’t needed to whinge about Centrelink, because I haven’t really had many dealings with them over the years.

a whinge about Centrelink

However, that all changed after Miss 19 had a little mishap at ice skating recently. Somebody tripped over in front of her and the blade of their skate, nicked the back of her hand.

Such a simple thing and yet it resulted in:

  • lots of blood
  • a trip to the Emergency Department
  • a severed tendon and fractured bone
  • surgery to repair the tendon
  • two days in hospital
  • 6 weeks of wearing a splint on her forearm while the tendon repaired
  • still needing to wear a splint on her fingers
  • exercises to strengthen her fingers, hand and arm
  • and weekly visits to the hospital half an hour away for occupational therapy and to visit the fracture clinic

in other words, a lot of pain and suffering (for her – and me!).

in hospital waiting for surgeryWaiting for surgery

But perhaps the biggest pain has been in her hip pocket. You see, Miss 19 might be the assistant manager of a cafe but like many in the hospitality industry, she is employed as a casual. Which means if she doesn’t work, she doesn’t get paid.

However just because her income has stopped doesn’t mean her expenses have. She still has to pay rent and other bills!

Fleur was concernedMiss Fleur was very concerned

Of course we’ve helped out where we can. But with being unable to work for eight or even more weeks, it’s been tough, so she is in the process of applying for sickness benefits from Centrelink.

WOW. All I can say is, it is so flipping hard to get a payment when you actually have a legitimate claim – that I have no idea how people manage it when they don’t!

We’ve spent hours on the phone and online and visiting our local Centrelink office. It’s like they are drip feeding us the information we need – each time we get a little bit more. Why can’t they just give us all the information, and tell us all the documents we need to bring in, right up front?!

Miss 19 is convinced it is because they want her to give up and not claim anything … so perhaps there is a method to their madness after all ….

smiling despite her sore handStill smiling through it all!

At this rate, Miss 19 will be lucky to get a payment – if she gets one at all – before she goes back to work after Christmas!

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. Now it’s your turn – what’s your whinge about Centrelink?!

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Dress Code: Daytime Summer Glamour

I’ve been invited to a swanky event this weekend, with the dress code specified as “Daytime Summer Glamour”.

But what exactly does that mean?! (And more importantly, can I have a new dress for the occasion?!)

After giving it some thought, I decided that daytime summer glamour style calls for:

  • bold floral prints
  • black and white
  • solid jewel colours
  • lace
  • fitted dresses
  • full skirts

Though preferably not all at once πŸ˜‰ .

Heels, a clutch and jewellery are all that are needed to complete a glam, polished look.

Daytime summer glamour is quite distinct from evening wear, which is much more likely to conjure up thoughts of little black dresses, sequins and sparkle.

A quick virtual trawl of some of my fave clothing stores revealed these beauties currently available, any of which would be a great choice …

Bold Floral Prints

Daytime summer glamour at Crossroads $69.95

Loving the sweetheart neckline and vivid blue in this little number by Crossroads, $69.95.

Black and White

daytime summer glamour Black and White Target $69

There’s a reason that black and white is a classic – it always looks smart! This full skirted number is $69 at Target.

Solid Jewel Colours

daytime summer glamour Katies $69.95

Soft sheer chiffon swing dress in emerald green with jewelled neckline, $69.95 at Katies.


daytime summer glamour - lace dress Target $59

Coral lace shift dress from Target, $59.


daytime summer glamour H&M lace dress $49.95

Fitted lace dress in aubergine, from H&M Australia, $49.95. Both of these lace dresses would look perfect with nude accessories.

Fitted Dresses

daytime summer glamour bold floral print at Crossroads $64.95

A little bit of ruching, a bold floral and bright colours make this dress a winner in my book! It’s from Crossroads, $64.95.

Full Skirts

daytime summer glamour Vannessa Tong dress $80

Nothing says “daytime summer glamour” like a retro style dress with a full skirt, like this ladylike number. It’s from Timeless by Vannessa Tong, $80.

It’s a Secret!

As to what I will actually be wearing – ssshhhh, that’s a secret! However I will drop just ONE hint – it comes from one of the stores listed on this page.

But other than that, you’ll just have to check my Instagram and Facebook over the weekend to find out πŸ˜‰ .

Which one of these dresses would you be most likely to choose for a special daytime event?!

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