Not at Problogger Event?!

Not at Problogger Event? I'm here to cheer you up!Today, I am at Problogger Event on the Gold Coast, and I wanted to try and cheer up those of you playing along at home.

Chances are, you’re feeling a bit left out, thanks to the million dozens of tweets / instapics / statuses showing what a glorious time is being had by Problogger attendees.

6 Things to Celebrate about NOT being at Problogger

So here’s some tips to help you feel better …

  1. Sleep in on Saturday. Just remember, those of us at Problogger won’t get a chance to sleep in while we’re away – like any conference it will be go-go-go from daybreak til late. (I, for one, will miss my Saturday sleep in but it is a sacrifice I’m prepared to make just once a year in honour of the occasion ;-) ).
  2. Fast from social media for the duration. Problogger event? What Problogger event?! This is the virtual equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears, closing your eyes and singing “la la la” loudly and tunelessly.
  3. Misery loves company. Or, why not create a hashtag like #notatpbevent or #nopbforme and post away on social media, you’ll probably collect lots of friends and reassure countless others that they are not the only ones that are not at the conference!
  4. Remember: even if it seems like every other blogger in Australia is at the Problogger Event, the reality is that there are only 450 tickets. Statistically, there are many more bloggers at home than there are at PBEvent – hundreds, if not thousands of Aussie bloggers missing out just like you!
  5. Decisions, decisions. You don’t have to decide which sessions to go to – the Problogger program is so packed with things I don’t want to miss, but the reality is, I can’t clone myself and go to them all. There are so many great speakers and awesome sessions to choose from, I really don’t know how I’m going to choose!
  6. Hug your family extra tight. Because while I might be having a whale of a time at Problogger, the reality is I am desperately missing my kitty my family (including my kitty!) and can’t wait to get home for cuddles ;-) .

Have I managed to cheer you up at all? What are you doing to help you deal with not being at Problogger this year?!

What I Wore: August

Another month of fashion inspiration from the wardrobe of a regular, everyday, Middle Aged Mama!

1. Ombre Jumper

I bought this gorgeous ombre jumper at DFO at the end of July – it was reduced from $90 to $30. I’ve worn it a few times this month, because all too soon the weather will warm up and it will have to be put away until next year!

In this photo, I’m about to set off to the Brisbane launch of “Unlock your Style” by Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. I wore it with my favourite black jeans, ankle boots, a white linen shirt, and some glitzy earrings for a bit of bling.


2. Red for a Rainy Day

Like many of us, I tend to wear a lot of blacks and greys in Winter. On this particularly grey day, I wanted to introduce some colour and what better than to look ravishing in red!

It was all stuff I had in my wardrobe, but that I’d never thought to put together before. I’m particularly pleased with how the red cami peaks out from under the black shirt – a new look for me and one I will definitely wear again :-) .

Looking at it now, I’m not sure about the necklace, maybe a tad too dressy for just running some errands out at the shops. But it needed “something” and this did the trick (for now).


3. Tunic and Leggings

I do love a tunic and leggings! This entire outfit set me back all of about $30 – and that’s being generous. Yes, seriously!

The leggings ($8) and suede ankle boots ($10) are from Kmart, and I picked up the Crossroads tunic on my last visit to my favourite op shop ($4).

I’ve had the necklace for so long I can’t remember where I bought it or what I paid; and the bracelet was a gift from the lovely Lisa at Random Acts of Zen.


4. Petal Power

I’ve been loving this draped jacket I bought from Millers ($28) earlier this year.

I’ll let you in on a little secret though – it came with a black cami attached, which meant I couldn’t take the jacket off if I got hot. I knew I would get a lot more wear out of it if I (carefully!) cut the fake cami out. Being a knit fabric, it doesn’t fray so I didn’t have to sew any raw edges.

I wore it to the Ekka this month with jeans, a black tee, and a scarf. Even though it’s mid Winter, it can still get quite warm in the middle of the day so I did need to take the jacket off a couple of times (either that or I’m hot flushing, LOL).


5. The End of Winter Sales!

Winter is nearly at an end, which means there are some great sales at the moment. Last week I picked up this gorgeous tunic from Katies – it was reduced from $59.95 to $30 and then there was a 30% off sale, so I think it cost $20 (and 35 cents if you want to get technical) – PLUS I got a $5 voucher to use on my next purchase as long as it’s within the next month (I think I can manage that … LOL).

Hubster bought the necklace for me from the Ekka, I love it! Much better for my figure than a show bag or two ;-) .


I hope you’ve been enjoying my Winter style, because I predict that there will be scarcely a jumper in sight when I share “What I Wore” next month – our Winters are very short here in Bris-vegas!

Which one is your favourite look?

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Growing Pains

The perfect Tupperware family circa 1996Did you know: there are growing pains even when your children are in their late teens and early twenties?

We love Mr 20 and Miss Almost 18 dearly, but I would be lying if I said that our family life has been smooth sailing over the past couple of years.

Yes, the baby and toddler years were challenging – but in a completely different way. I think everybody “knows” to some extent what is involved in being a new parent – that it will be physically demanding, sleep becomes a thing of the past, and going to the toilet in peace will be a rare luxury.

But I don’t think we commonly realise what to expect as our children reach early adulthood …

Take My Family (Please!)

Only kidding ;-) . To the outside world, we probably look like the perfect “Tupperware family”: Mum, Dad, and the pigeon pair. Happy family. Stable parents. Good kids. And yet … we’ve had to deal with lots of stuff, which I’m not at liberty to share here.

I always thought if we gave our kids a loving home, raised them right, and kept the lines of communication open, things would be okay. I was wrong.

Teens will be teens, and have to find their own way … (And maybe because we were the “perfect family”, it hit us harder?)

I came across this article on parenting children as they prepare to leave the nest, by psychologist and family therapist Matt Ryan recently, and it really helped me to realise that we are not alone – in fact, this is perfectly normal.

According to Matt, families tend to function best as a benevolent dictatorship – meaning that Mum and Dad are lovingly and wisely in charge. Although parents are open to their children’s ideas and wishes, at the end of the day it is the parents who make the final decisions. (Although I’ve debated before about who wears the pants in our household, basically I have to agree with Matt’s theory.)

Growing Pains - family photos are very rare once the kids grow up!But then the children grow up, and things change. And sometimes Mum and Dad aren’t ready for – or particularly good at – coping with these changes!

It is all about the children preparing to launch into the world – leaving home, finding new lives and eventually partners and families of their own.

If your family is struggling to adjust to this new stage in life, I really encourage you to head over and read Matt’s article, and maybe even book a session or two with a counsellor – because I know it has definitely helped us.

What has been the hardest stage so far in your family life?

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