Patient Confidentiality – for Animals?!

It’s reassuring to know that our dealings with our doctor or other health professionals are protected by patient confidentiality – but did you know that the same applies for animals that are taken to the vet?!

I can’t help wondering if this is taking the whole concept of patient confidentiality a tad too far …

Kitty Spam

Kitty Spam!

I discovered the rules regarding patient confidentiality for animals quite by accident recently, when we had some very sad news.

Miss Fleur’s brother and litter mate passed away suddenly – despite the fact that they are just 18 months old.

We very nearly adopted her brother at the same time we got Fleur, so I am kinda glad we didn’t – imagine how devastated I would be right now; even just having met this lovely fellow a couple of times, I am terribly sad.

It seems that Fleur’s brother had a heart defect from birth and his poor old heart just gave out.

I learned about this tragedy through the wonders of social media; I follow the rescue organisation on Facebook, and read the update there.

It wasn’t long however before I started to worry about our own adorable kitty – could she too have inherited this heart defect? The rescue organisation couldn’t give me much information, although they did pass on the details of the vet involved.

As a very worried mama of our precious furbaby, I wasted no time in phoning the vet to find out more, explaining that our kitties were born in the same litter. Could it be hereditary? What had happened exactly to her brother? What warning signs should we be alert for?

relaxed kitty

Fleur thinks we should all just relax …

And that was when I discovered that patient confidentiality even applies to animals. The vet was unable to give me any details or information whatsoever, and could only recommend that I arrange an appointment with my own vet.

patient confidentiality for animals

… and take time to smell the flowers. Wise words from a litte kitty!

While I understand that the vet had to follow the rules, I am left a bit puzzled as to the necessity of it – especially in a case like this, where it could help save the life of another animal.

Did you realise there was such a thing as patient confidentiality for animals, or am I just a bit naive?!

QUIZ: What Sort of Gem are You?

Who doesn’t love a fun quiz – whether it’s in a magazine or on the internet?

I’m a bit strange though. I Must Confess: I love to write them!

gem quiz: what sort of gem are you?

So for today’s bloggy entertainment, here’s one I prepared earlier* … try out this little quiz to find out “What Sort of Gem are YOU?”!

1. Where would you most like to go for a holiday?

a. The Aussie outback
b. Somewhere warm & sunny
c. Somewhere in the Orient
d. The beach or a tropical island
e. An Antarctic adventure!
f. Paris, Rome, Venice …

2. What best describes your reaction in a crisis or emergency?

a. You respond as quick as lightning
b. You are warm and sympathetic
c. Cool, calm & collected
d. Your role is to soothe and comfort
e. Your great inner strength is revealed
f. You take control of the situation

3. How would you describe your fashion style?

a. You love colour, print clashing, unusual combinations
b. Casual, denim, relaxed
c. Classy, pastels, refined
d. Floaty, soft fabrics, florals
e. Bold designs, elegance, black and white
f. You have a passion for fashion and real flair

4. Your favourite flower is:

a. Pansy
b. Gerbera
c. Carnation
d. Frangipani
e. Lily
f. Rose

5. Which quality is most important to you in a friend?

a. Excitement
b. Loyalty
c. Peace
d. Easy to be with
e. Trust
f. Enthusiasm

6. What’s your favourite special day?

a. Australia Day
b. Easter
c. Mother’s Day
d. New Year
e. Valentine’s Day
f. Christmas

7. Your Dessert of choice is:

a. Pavlova
b. Sticky date pudding
c. Cheesecake
d. Apple crumble
e. Ice cream or sorbet
f. Chocolate Gateau

8. What do you most like to read?

a. Sci fi
b. A magazine
c. Historical
d. Self-help
e. Autobiography/biography
f. Romance

And now for the answers …

beautiful precious gemstone rings

Mostly A’s: OPAL. No doubt about it – you are brilliant, and like the opal you can be fiery at times! You are creative, and bring a flash of colour and light to your world.

Mostly B’s: TOPAZ. Optimistic, happy, and fun to be with – yet you are caring and full of empathy. You are known for your warm and sunny nature.

Mostly C’s: PEARL. You are one classy lady! You have a refined manner, and a way of smoothing over difficult situations. You are a lover of the finer things of life – music, arts, food.

Mostly D’s: AQUAMARINE. Cool, calm and collected – that’s you! You have a deep inner serenity and like to take time to reflect. You are a peace-maker. Harmony and unity is very precious to you.

Mostly E’s: DIAMOND. You have a pure heart, and real strength of character formed through adversity. You are rock solid and reliable, with a sharp intellect.

Mostly F’s: RUBY. Just as rubies are red, the colour of love, so you are full of love and vivacity, passion and power! You radiate warmth and a strong sense of vitality.

What gem did you come up with? Or if you could choose one that best represents you – which one would it be?!

Linking up with My Home Truths.

*Previously appeared in Footprints magazine.

Shelf Style: Nikki from Styling You

Last week I shared the first “Shelf Style” post – my take on the ubiquitous Ikea cube shelves, which you’ll find in 90% of Australian homes*.

This week, I’m beyond thrilled and delighted to welcome Australia’s own queen of style blogging, Nikki from Styling You to tell us about her “Shelf Style” …

Nikki from SY

What room are your shelves in?

My home office and “lady room“. (As Nikki shared on her blog at the time: “a lady room is a room where you get to store all your lovelies all in one place. The fact that my lovelies are all tied in with my job means having them in the same room as my office space actually makes sense … kind of like a mini version of the fashion and beauty ‘cupboards’ you’d find at a magazine.”)


How long have you had them?

About 12 months (after shifting to Brisbane).

What do you store in the drawers/cupboards?

Books, decorative items, beauty and hair products.


What is your favourite decorator item on your shelves and why?

My collector item Barbie dolls – I was never allowed them as a kid so happily display mine now!


How often do you change the “look” of your shelves?

Not so frequently – mostly just a tidy up every month or so and if I have something new I want to add, I do a little re-jig.


Thank you so much Nikki for sharing your “Shelf Style” with all the Middle Aged Mamas playing along at home – you are truly a style inspiration whether in fashion or homewares!

Share your Ikea Shelf StyleIt’s Your Turn!

If you have a set of Ikea shelves (or another brand) in your home – why not join in the fun? I’d love to feature yours in an upcoming blog post! All you have to do is snap some pics and answer the same five questions as Nikki has above, and send to

What do you love most about Nikki’s style?

*Yes, I made that stat up.