Hitting a Plateau

Butterscotch Layer Cake - no wonder I've hit a weight loss plateau!Me and my big mouth.

Here I was, skiting to you a month ago about how I’d lost 5 kilograms – practically without trying!

You guessed it. I haven’t lost any weight since then :-( .

On the upside, I haven’t gained any either …

I’ve continued my (almost) daily walks on the treadmill, and trying to make wiser food choices. Mind you, that is slightly difficult when a certain friend insists on baking divine delicacies such as this Butterscotch Layer Cake for when the girls have a get together. (Would you believe, it’s GLUTEN FREE?! I don’t often share recipes here on the blog, but if I get enough interest, I might just do exactly that).

Or when your daughter gets the baking bug and makes this yummy honey almond slice, and  gets all sad if nobody eats it ;-) .

Or when you have family come to stay for the weekend, and your hubster insists it’s a great excuse for an eating extravaganza. Get thee behind me Satan! (PS don’t tell the hubster I likened him to the devil, will you?!)

I’ve hit a massive plateau. The scales stubbornly refuse to drop below 70kg.

Do you have any tips or ideas to help me smash through this weight loss plateau for good?!

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Of Jetskis and Engagement Rings …

My white gold solitaire engagement ring with wedding and eternity ringsIt goes without saying that my most treasured pieces of jewellery are my engagement, wedding and eternity rings.

The hubster and I chose the engagement ring together – we found the design we wanted, of a solitaire but it was set in yellow gold. So we had it made up specially in white gold with a diamond weighing in at a third of a carat.

An aside: it seemed quite a big and extravagant gem at the time, but has anybody else noticed that engagement rings tend to boast much bigger diamonds these days? How do young people afford them?

Then we had to keep it all a secret for a couple of months while hubster paid off the layby. He even sold his beloved jestski, just so he could pay my ring off sooner! No wonder I love that man ;-) .

I Must Confess: I used to have a silver friendship ring as well, set with a sapphire and some tiny diamonds, but …

When I was pregnant with Mr 20, my fingers swelled up and so I had to take my rings off. I hid them behind a framed photo on my dressing table – bare millimetres from my crystal ringstand – but at least they were hidden. I never dreamed that I could so nearly have lost them forever.

Alas, after Mr 20 was born and while the hubster was visiting us in hospital, our home got broken into and my friendship ring (which was on the ringstand), a gold St Christopher medallion, and a couple of other small jewellery items, were stolen. Thankfully, however, the thieves DIDN’T find my wedding and engagement rings tucked safely behind the photo frame.

It just so happened that the hubster had to phone and break the news to me in hospital – and it was Day 3 post-birth. As if the 3 day blues weren’t bad enough, now I *really* had something to cry about! I was heartbroken over the loss of my friendship ring, it had huge sentimental value.

Months later, when our insurance company paid us out for our losses, we decided to put the money into one piece of jewellery – an eternity ring. It just seemed fitting – we’d been married 5 years, had just had our first baby, and there was no way we could have afforded it otherwise.

I’ve now been proudly wearing my engagement ring for over 25 years, my wedding ring for over 24 years, and my eternity ring for over 20 years!

Have you ever been broken into and/or had jewellery stolen?

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Help! My Business needs a new name!

new business name

No, not the blog – I’m still happy as Larry that I switched from Redland City Living to Middle Aged Mama at the beginning of this year.

Trouble is, when I first started my business nearly two years ago, I gave it the same name as my blog. And once again, it’s just not working for me anymore.

So what is my business? I’m so glad you asked ;-) .

I call myself a “web content specialist”, which is a fancy way of saying that I provide:

  • Blogging and web content
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Support
  • WordPress websites

for a number of clients.

If you’re really keen, you can even check out my other website to find out more.

The Web Writer

Truth be told, I had my heart set on “The Web Writer” and when I checked on ASIC as well as domain names, it was looking good!

UNTIL I went to register the business name this week. And although “The Web Writer” is available, I’m not able to choose it because it is too similar to two other business names:

  • Shire Web Writer
  • Craft Beer Web Writer (Really?!)

Back to the old drawing board. Le sigh. Just quietly, I’m a bit devastated: “The Web Writer” just seemed so perfect.

I don’t want to use my location eg “Oz Web Writer” or “Redlands Web Writer” (which is a tongue twister anyway!) because you just never know what the future holds; who says I will always be living here?!

I thought of “Your Web Writer” but it just doesn’t have the same cachet.

I’ve been mucking around with various ideas but nothing so far has captured my fancy. And if you know anything about branding, you’ll know that having the right name is crucially important!

So this is where you come in! Can you help out a sister in need? What do you think my web writing business should be called?

Do you have any fabbo suggestions for me?! As an added incentive, I’ll even send a $50 Coles/Myer gift card to you if I use your idea!