Great Taste Runs in the Family

Make no mistake about it – great taste runs in the family – or in the Middle Aged Mama family at least …

Great Taste Runs in the Family: My Daughter

Miss 18 and I both fell in love with the same shirt at the Billabong outlet at DFO recently – it was only $9.95, so we both ended up buying it. (Oh and I don’t want to know who wore it better; the fact that she’s 18, slender and has legs up to her armpits makes any comparisons just a little unfair 😉 … )

great taste runs in the family

It’s probably the first time we’ve bought something similar; the fact that I’m a size 14, and she’s a size 8, plus the thirty year age difference, means that we don’t often go for the same styles. But I think it could become more of a problem now she has hit adulthood!

Great Taste Runs in the Family: My Sister

My sister and I have often made a beeline for the same item of clothing when we are out shopping together, much to the amusement of our daughters. Although we’ve never turned up at a social occasion in the exact same outfit (yet!), we do have an uncanny ability to buy the same clothes without realising.

For example, last month when I posted a pic on social media of myself wearing black jeans, striped tshirt, a red cardigan and ballet flats, my niece couldn’t help but laugh. Turns out my sister, unbeknownst to me, was wearing almost exactly the same outfit on the same day!

Great taste runs in the family - my sister

We’ve even got the same pose down pat 😉 .

Great Taste Runs in the Family: My Stepmum

Blood isn’t necessarily thicker than water – it seems if you’re in the same family long enough, you can also develop similar taste.

Case in point: my stepmother couldn’t believe it when I posted a pic on Facebook last year of a new tunic I’d bought at Katies – as she’d bought the exact same tunic, a few weeks earlier!

great taste runs in the family - my stepmum and me

I often wonder if other families are the same …

So tell me – does great taste run in YOUR family?!

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My Philosophy of Life

People often comment on my smiley face and generally cheerful outlook on the world.

my philosophy of life - the best is yet to come

I Must Confess: the hubster has actually asked me on more than one occasion – how I can be so positive all the time?!

I’ve decided that it all comes down to my philosophy of life.

Are you ready to learn my secret? 😉

I’m giving it away for free!

My Philosophy of Life

I believe that the best is yet to come.

carefree business woman

When you think about my extremely dysfunctional family of origin, it’s not hard to believe that the best is yet to come – coz that was pretty dismal.

But the years since then have been a heck of a lot better, especially since I married my Bear.

Many folk hit 40 or thereabouts and think it’s all a downhill slide from there. Not me! I still believe that the best is yet to come.

It might be more overseas trips; watching the hubster find a job he loves (he starts a temporary position today, after taking a voluntary redundancy); and continuing to build my own business and blog.

One day the kids will get married, and there will be grandchildren. Hubster is looking forward to retirement – he wants to retire at age 60, so just 13 years away. Personally I’m not interested in retiring – I love what I do! Although we do both dream of buying a caravan, and becoming grey nomads.

But it’s also just the little things – pottering in the garden. Sharing cups of tea; and cuddling up in bed together. Having fun with family and friends. Playing with the kitty. Enjoying home-cooked meals. More of the same old, same old, really.

As you can see, although life is pretty good right now – I’m a firm believer that the best is yet to come!

What’s your philosophy of life?!

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Why are Weekend Getaways so Great?!

This time last week, I whisked the hubster away for a romantic weekend in a cabin on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, in honour of his birthday.


It was so peaceful and private; we loved the views, the cows, the spa, the fireplace. We went for a walk to a nearby creek and did a spot of fishing – I even caught a catfish (which we promptly threw back).


We watched a DVD, cooked up a barbeque, made up our own cheese platter and spent lots of time just sitting on the verandah, admiring the view. My phone had no signal (although the hubster’s – on a different network – did!), so I was forced into digital detox – not a bad thing when it’s supposed to be a romantic escape 😉 !


Hubster reckons it was the best birthday ever; we both had a fabulous time.

Heading off on weekend getaways like this is not something we do terribly often. But it got me to wondering: WHY are weekend getaways so great? Why is it so much more relaxing and refreshing, than just spending a quiet weekend at home?

Why are Weekend Getaways so Great?!

Finally I realised the answer: No Distractions.

When you spend the weekend away, you don’t have to worry about the washing, or the lawn that needs mowing, or the 1001 other household tasks awaiting attention.


There are no kids interrupting, no visitors, no phone ringing with people wanting favours (which seems to be the only reason our home phone ever rings!).

There is nothing to do except whatever you want – which is to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

It’s kinda cute that after 25 years of marriage, we still enjoy each and even yearn for each other’s company.


I must admit, the timing was perfect too. The hubster finishes his job today, after 20 years. Even though he’s taken a voluntary redundancy, and starts a temporary position on Monday, it has been quite a stressful time. So we *really* needed the break!

How often do you manage weekend getaways?