The Longest 3 Weeks of My Life

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One of the joys (not!) of middle age is that health issues seem to crop up more and more regularly.

A niggle here, a pain there, a troubling spot … and it’s off to the doctor (again!).

To date, we’ve been pretty fortunate health wise – although we did have a bit of a scare earlier this year, which meant that the hubster was sent for a number of medical tests. It was quite a worrying time, as potentially, it could have been something very serious, even life-threatening.

Together ForeverWhat would I ever do without my beloved Bear?!

And so began the longest three weeks of our lives, as we waited for all the results to come back. It’s very hard to continue living “normally” when you feel like the sword of Damocles is hovering over your head! We didn’t want to share our fears with anybody else until we had a definite result, so we soldiered on in silence.

The Hard Conversations

When we were alone however, we did a *lot* of talking about the things that nobody likes to discuss – the conversations we should all have with our loved ones, no matter how hard it might be. Do you know what your partner’s wishes are regarding organ donation? What about funeral arrangements? Have you organised wills? Or life insurance?

In the midst of all the turmoil, we did have peace of mind about one thing – our life insurance. We first organised it way back when our first child was a baby, with the intention of making sure the remaining parent and child/ren would be well taken care of.

Life Insurance in Middle Age

Of course, our kids are now grown up and finances have eased a lot over the years – so it might seem that life insurance would not really matter so much anymore.

However I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it would be to lose a life partner. At least with life insurance sorted, it allows the “luxury” of being able to mourn – without having to race back to work or worry about bills being paid.

Perhaps now you are thinking that it might be time to look into your own situation should the unthinkable happen! If that’s the case, provides an easy way for you to compare a number of products in the market.

A Happy Ending

Fortunately, the hubster’s health scare turned out not to be anything too sinister – just in time for us to head off to Europe for our trip, too!

Breakfast in Bed

But I’m glad we were forced to have some of those difficult conversations about the future – and now we’re closer than ever.

Have you had any serious health scares? How old were you when you first got life insurance?

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Snapshots from Marseilles

The hubster was chuffed that we were to visit Marseilles during our cruise; at last he could legitimately sing “Take me away to Marseilles” by The Angels (one of his favourite bands).

And sing he did. A lot! It’s lucky I love him 😉 .

It was a glorious sunny weekend – and yes I did get sunburnt despite wearing plenty of sunscreen. It probably didn’t help that we went sightseeing on an open top bus! See for yourself …

French flag

A “pinch me I’m dreaming” moment – seeing the French flag flying proudly

Tram in Marseilles

Should we get the tram?

Marseilles bus tour

We ended up hopping on a bus tour instead

Beach in Marseilles

This is what passes for a beach in Marseilles. Very crowded, barely any sand, and heaps of people sunbathing on the rocks!

Notre Dame de la Garde Marseilles

The city is overlooked by the cathedral of Notre Dame de la Garde

Notre Dame de la Garde

Another view of Notre Dame de la Garde

View over Marseilles

Amazing views over Marseilles and the Mediterranean from the cathedral


Maybe it’s just my warped sense of humour, but don’t you think it looks like he’s saying “Live long and prosper”?!


And at first glance, I thought this little cherub was picking his nose!

Louis the Sun King

You know you’re in France when you see Louis the Sun King everywhere …

French architecture

Just loved the French architecture (which actually isn’t all that different from every other Mediterannean city we visited, but it was all so quaint and pretty 😉 )

the Wheel of Marseilles

London has it’s Eye, Brisbane has it’s Wheel … and here’s the Marseilles version

Cafe in Marseilles

We finished our day with a wonderful platter of local cheeses at a busy cafe – bon appetit!

Marseilles' cafe

I highly recommend La Samaritaine – great food, and excellent service!

It was only a tiny taste of France but left us hungry for more. We’d particularly love to visit Paris – ah well, there’s always next time!

If you were to go to France – what foods would you just *have* to try?!

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Best Jeans for an Apple Shape

If you too have an apple shape, then you will know just how hard it is to find a pair of jeans that fits AND flatters.

I’ve spent a fortune over the years on my quest to find the perfect jeans. Time after time I was disappointed – most were too uncomfortable around the waist, but other problems I encountered were waistbands that gaped at the back; the crotch was too low; or if I *did* manage to find a pair that fit my tubby tummy, it was only because they were baggy around my thighs and legs – the one part of my body I’d actually *like* to show off!

A couple of years back, I hit the jackpot – with Second Skin jeans from Just Jeans – and I just had to share the good news about the best jeans for an apple shape that I’d ever come across, here on the blog!

Just Jeans Second Skin jeans


Billabong shirt

Those jeans are still going strong BUT I lost 5 kilograms last year, which meant they no longer fit.

Once again I found myself struggling to find jeans to suit my apple shape; only to return to my old faithful friends at Just Jeans. Second Skins are still $69.95 each, or $109 for two pairs – which is ideal as they come in two different colours (how I wish there were more options, because I’d buy all of them!): black, and blue. This year the blue is a slightly lighter wash than my last pair.



As you can see by the pictures, I’ve already been giving my new jeans a workout 😉 .

Dark Denim

However, I was finding that I really missed having a pair of dark blue jeans; for some reason, dark denim just looks that much dressier.

Luckily, I found another great fitting pair of jeans for my apple shape – except this time they’re not really jeans, they’re jeggings. To be honest I’ve never had much luck with jeggings either, for the same reason – if they fit around the waist, they are too baggy elsewhere; or if they flatter my legs, they are too tight on my belly.

These jeggings (below) cost $25 at *Millers, and are so comfortable yet have all the look and style of regular jeans. I think most people would have trouble even telling that they are not “real” denim unless they actually touched the fabric!

Millers denim jeggings suit apple shape


I’m sure I’m not alone in my continuing struggle to find the perfect jeans for an apple shape – if you’ve found other brands that work well, please leave a comment and let me (and the other apples of the world) know!

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