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I’ve been inspired by the example of Emily at Have a Laugh on Me, and have been desperate to share the funny search terms from my blog statistics with you. Except – for ages I didn’t have any! :-(

Well boys and girls, I’m excited to announce that I too now have a list of funny search terms that people have entered, only to come across my little corner of the blogosphere.


My favourite would have to be this one: “big boobed granny has a swimsuit malfunction”. Trust me, do NOT google this (like I did to find a picture to go with this post – pure porn. I’m such an innocent it didn’t even cross my mind!). But anyways, as I was saying – I’m not a granny yet and hopefully won’t be for another 5 to ten years at least! Although I suppose the boob part applies …


Second runner up goes to: “without panties wardrobe malfunction”. Considering I was one of the ones horrified not so much by the shots of Anne Hathaway and others sans knickers, but rather the fact that they weren’t wearing any in the first place – I’m afraid my blog will be somewhat of a disappointment to the searcher …


“Gunny stories about bugs”. It’s true, I did share a funny story here on the blog about how I mispronounced Bugs Bunny when I was a tot. But who would have thought somebody would search for it, mispronunciation and all?!

beach family

I would have made a fab beach girl Australian/NZ –
back when this pic was taken anyway!


This is another personal favourite of mine: “beach girl australia new zealand”. I take it as a huge compliment :-) so thank you dear searcher, you made my day!


“What should I wear on coffee coloured chinos”. Umm – coffee?? Because if it stains then you won’t see it? If they’d searched for what to wear WITH coffee coloured chinos instead of ON them, it wouldn’t have been nearly as funny :-).


Then there is the person who googled “worm beef curries slow cooker recipes”. Hold the worms in mine thanks!


“Housework guide” – while perhaps not funny itself – but the fact it led them to my blog – HILARIOUS!

So there you have it: only seven, but it’s a start. I look forward to sharing many more silly search terms with you over the coming months.

And in the meantime, if you’d like to find the funny search terms that people have used to find YOUR blog, Melissa at Suger Coat It has an easy to follow explanation.

What’s YOUR favourite search term from my list?!


  1. Those are so funny – will have to see if I can find out what words people have used to find my blog (if I can work out where to look !!!)
    Have the best day !

  2. Very amusing list, I would find it quite hilarious if someone come to my blog looking for housework tips too. What they will NOT find is me in a bikini!

  3. Hilarious to see what search terms have got people to our blogs isn’t it?! BTW – how great do you look in that bikini…and after having two kids!! Min xo

    • Thanks Min – that pic was taken 6 years ago – don’t think I’ll be donning a bikini again any time soon let alone get a photo taken while wearing one!

  4. I had lots of unusual search terms when it came to my old blog :) Delightfully Tacky Lil Squirts.. innocent of a blogger – Delightfully Tacky is me and Lil Squirts is my children.. however the search terms were ALOT different to my blog!

  5. What a hot rack you have their Janet – and thanks for the laugh, GREAT search engine terms, it’s been awhile since I’ve any that were funny and not yukky :( xxx

  6. Lol. The big boobed granny would have to be my total fave. What kind of person googles that? Keep them coming. Loving it!

  7. In creating my online persona as Pinky Poinker I was unaware that ‘Pinky’ was such a celebrated porn star. Teamed with my special subject ‘teenagers’ I see a lot of unsavoury search terms. I’m sure the searchees are horribly disappointed. ‘Pinky’s Garden’ is probably the most misleading.

  8. I have so many pretty normal ones, keep looking for something funny. Its my spam that makes me giggle!

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